Mobile Design

The mobile revolution has happened. Companies can no longer just think their site is “mobile-friendly”.  With the increase in smart phones and online mobile access, the thought process must now be “mobile-first”.  Mobile design is no longer about building your website and then making it fit on a mobile device.  The design must focus on what the mobile user wants and how to increase mobile engagement.

Mobile users are single focused and like to be part of a broader experience.  Content overload is a negative.  Mobile users want to quickly complete their objective an move on. The most common elements of your site must be readily available.  For instance, if the customer just wants your phone number, it should be visible right after the site loads.  Restaurants need to make reservations easy to find. For any business with physical locations, easy location finders or directions are vital.

Benefits of Mobile Web Design

  1. Improved User Experience
  2. Faster Download Speed
  3. Engagement and Context
  4. Improved Search/SEO performance
  5. Brand Identity
  6. Portability and Connectivity
  7. Competitive Advantage
  8. Integration with Offline Media
  9. More Flexible and Cost-Effective Than App Development
  10. New Advertising Opportunities
  11. Inevitability

The overall point of mobile design is to provide an experience best suited for the device being viewed upon. Responsive design is the easiest method for achieving these results, but we have other methods. We would love to speak to you more about our many options available.